Summer is different; winter is different, beautiful geography, green reunites with blue in harmony…

Sapanca district is a touristic place where the green and the blue meet, and its settlement history goes far back. Sapanca district takes its name from Lake Sapanca, one of the potable water resources refreshing Sakarya city. It is on the point where TEM highway, D-100 road and Ankara-Istanbul railway transit. In the south of it, Samanlı Mountains, Geyve and Pamukova districts, in the west, Kocaeli province takes place.

People living in Sapanca district enjoys four seasons and natural wonder, recently became limelight of the foreigners with its touristic investments in the last years. There are many touristic facilities at lakeshore which is rich as natural beauties.

Some activities in Sapanca such as biking, trekking, swimming, camping, sailing, catamaran, canoes in lake and river, civil aviation, rally, ATV, riding off-road charm sport and extreme devotees.

Gulf countries in Gulf Region explored natural wonder in Sapanca, and made important residential investments. Sapanca district is a spot on historical Silk Road, looking like a European city with the sound of Azan.

We are looking forward to host our all visitors to our district which is tourism and nature paradise and having cultural history.

Hope to live together in the future’s Sapanca…

Skiing at Kartepe

Canoe Trip

Horse farm

Off Road

Nature trip


NG Bedesten Shopping Mall

Public Markets

Public Bazaar (Tuesdays & Fridays)