Construction Services

The sensitivity and importance that Kamışoğlu Construction shows before and during construction brings quality of service and customer satisfaction with it.

  • Land Selection
  • Land Feasibility and Valuation
  • Program Development
  • Tender Method Analysis
  • Concept Drafts
  • Total Project Budgeting and Cost Consulting
  • Conceptual Discovery
  • Business Calendar
  • Option / System Analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Constructability Analyzes
  • Design Collaboration
  • Procurement Strategies and Bulk Purchase
  • Builder Training Program
  • Construction Management
  • Cost Management
  • Time Management
  • Quality Control
  • Job Safety Trainings, Audit and Coordination
  • Project Coordination and Logistics Management
  • Post-Construction Support
  • User Cycle Coordination


As Kamisoglu Group, we are always ready to be a reliable-experienced business partner in real estate evaluation projects of our valuable investors.

Our company; under the supervision of architects, engineers and other specialists in the field of construction, in accordance with the construction permit, to ensure that they are constructed and built to plan, legislation, science, arts and health rules.

Our Contracting Services
  • Determination and preliminary investigation of land alternatives; share with the investor and developer company,
  • Identification of potential and appropriate investment opportunities,
  • Determination of legal and regional constraints by conducting local preliminary studies, decision of final evaluation of potential arcs,
  • Negotiation and process management in land purchase, floor allowance or revenue sharing processes
  • Preparing the project according to the agreement provided
    Planning and optimization of investment processes

Sapanca Dibektaş-Sinan Houses (Delivery date December 2012-Project duration 15 months)

Sapanca Dibektaş-Bahçe 1 (Delivery date May 2013-Project duration 14 months)

Sapanca Dibektaş-Bahçe 2 (Delivery date May 2013-Project duration 14 months)

Sapanca Dibektaş-Bahçe 3 (Delivery date May 2013-Project duration 14 months)

Sapanca Dibektaş-Landscape (Delivery date April 2015-Project period 14 months)

Real Estate & Investment Consultancy

Real Estate and Investment Consulting Services

As Kamışoğlu Group, we are working on using our knowledge, experience and reliability to find your real estate claims exactly.

  • Support for land acquisition and development
  • Housing, Land, Workplace Sales and Leasing services
  • Real Estate Management Services
  • The features of real estate that will stand out, the price and payment plans; making campaign and launch planning compatible with Corporate Identity in order to ensure that it is announced in the most efficient way and reach the target group,

In order to introduce the project; in written and visual media, planning and procurement of media,

Follow-up of regional competition (ranking of competitive proposals, characteristics, price, payment and campaign changes, competitive advantages and disadvantages, and adaptation to changing conditions where necessary)

Preparing all documents in preparation for sale,

Follow-up of all processes and operations until customer arrives, needs determination, presentation, offer, negotiation and sale

After-sales services, delivery and customer satisfaction services

Re-sales of the projected houses in the necessary situations


Excavation Services

Security measures and environmental protection measures are taken for destruction workers and third parties foreseen in the relevant legislation before, during and after the demolition, before the demolition.

It is collected, transported and disposed of in such a way that destruction of land and excavation land and demolition waste arising from the destruction and excavation activities and these activities will not harm the environment and human health and safety.

Regarding the noise emissions to be generated during excavation, construction / repair / amendment and demolition operations, the principles of Noise Control Regulation shall be complied with as published in the Official Gazette dated 11/12/1986 and numbered 19308. During the extraction of excavated soil, measures are taken to reduce noise and image pollution and dust emissions, and the area surrounding the activity area is closed.

During the excavation process, planning is made so that the amount of soil to be excavated and the fill volumes are equalized and the excavation soil is evaluated primarily within the activity field.

Natural drainage systems are protected during the extraction of excavated soil and measures against erosion are taken. During removal of excavated soil, buildings next to the excavation area, natural drainage, energy and telecommunication facilities / systems, sidewalk and road cover are protected, and damage and erosion are taken precautions.

Wastes are reduced the most at the source.


1 Hyundai 18 tons excavator

1 Manitou Large Forklift

2 JCB Digger

6 Trucks

1 Cylinders

1 Lobet

Project & Architectural & 3D Modeling

As KAMIŞOĞLU GROUP; we provide architectural projects and 3D modeling services in all projects with our technical team.

3D Architectural Visualization

The latest state of our work is being revealed with 3D architectural visualization, which is realized in great detail by the realization of the architectural studies that we have realized, giving a more impressive impression.

3D Architectural Modeling

The modeling also provides great convenience in terms of time taken to finish the construction of the project. The concept of time is the most prevalent choice for 3D architectural modeling. Architectural modeling can provide great advantages in terms of time and cost.

It is especially important for architects, such as 3D architectural modeling, building made by moving from 2D, and so on. 3D modeling technique. By transferring our projects to the model, possible harms and deficiencies are eliminated. At the same time, every detail is clearly shown. From this point of view it is very important to visualize it in 3D.

Modeling the project does not make a difference between the demands of the clients and the results, and it is the most logical way to increase the demand. In this way, the project can be understood more easily and the unexpected situations will be removed from the question marks that will be formed at the customers’ minds. At the same time it is more effective and persuasive if you use other methods to see the project in visual form.

3D floor plans

Today, the sale of constructions before construction is of great importance for companies. This situation has come to the sector in such a way that when the projects are completed, all the structures are introduced and sold to the customers. In order to be able to do this efficiently, it is absolutely necessary to introduce the finished objects of the structures to the customers with beautiful visuals and models.

Designing the buildings’ structures and creating the interior architectural features require extensive and detailed work. In this way, we offer great convenience and comfort during the stages of promotion, sales and pre-production checks.
It is of utmost importance that the structures we have designed effectively are prepared for presentation in an effective manner. Especially the creation of visuals that we will present to our valued customers will help create an impression of what design means. The technical drawings drawn before the construction of our structures do not make any sense to our customers. For this reason, 3D modeling gives a great advantage to gain a rich visual. The 3D floor plan modeling provides a much richer look by modeling it not only in the building but also in the decorative plans it contains.

The projecting of our constructions is done as a result of technical drawings in great detail. These drawings are made by our architectural team and approved by official institutions. Every detail of the construction is specified and designed in the drawings.

Our 3D modeling helps you get an idea about how it will look when done in a computer environment. In 3D floor plan modeling, not only the structural features of the building are shaped, but also the interior architecture and decoration. Much richer visuals are obtained on this page.

Virtual tour (360 degrees render)

With Virtual Tour, Project drawings and 3D Modeling, our esteemed customers are able to understand and evaluate the project more clearly. Our architectural team aims to provide the most suitable solution by using all the technological equipment and professional experience in this respect.

3D Architectural Animation

It is an animation technique used to animate Architectural Projects. It is an application especially used in the architectural area. The use of visuals in our designs is an element that increases the sustainability of our projects. With the 3D animation technique we produce the project closest to our work in mind. In addition, the acceptability of 3D projects is greater. At the core of 3D architectural animation techniques is the presentation of the projects in your mind in a detailed and visually rich way in 3D.

Traditional 2D designs and drawings of designs are difficult for users to understand. Technical drawings prepared by using various software are clearer and detailed than 2D drawings. It is difficult to imagine what you will get at the end of the project, and it is a situation that causes problems during many architectural projects. Drawings can be misunderstood by others to be perceived from a different perspective. In order to prevent such problems from happening, we continue to work using 3D architectural animation techniques.