Excavation Services

Security measures and environmental protection measures are taken for destruction workers and third parties foreseen in the relevant legislation before, during and after the demolition, before the demolition.

It is collected, transported and disposed of in such a way that destruction of land and excavation land and demolition waste arising from the destruction and excavation activities and these activities will not harm the environment and human health and safety.

Regarding the noise emissions to be generated during excavation, construction / repair / amendment and demolition operations, the principles of Noise Control Regulation shall be complied with as published in the Official Gazette dated 11/12/1986 and numbered 19308. During the extraction of excavated soil, measures are taken to reduce noise and image pollution and dust emissions, and the area surrounding the activity area is closed.

During the excavation process, planning is made so that the amount of soil to be excavated and the fill volumes are equalized and the excavation soil is evaluated primarily within the activity field.

Natural drainage systems are protected during the extraction of excavated soil and measures against erosion are taken. During removal of excavated soil, buildings next to the excavation area, natural drainage, energy and telecommunication facilities / systems, sidewalk and road cover are protected, and damage and erosion are taken precautions.

Wastes are reduced the most at the source.


1 Hyundai 18 tons excavator

1 Manitou Large Forklift

2 JCB Digger

6 Trucks

1 Cylinders

1 Lobet