Who are

As Kamışoğlu Group, we are honored to continue our journey, which we started in 1985, without compromising our understanding of "high quality in every detail", and to create luxurious and comfortable living spaces with the projects we have built. We have been contributing to the development of Sapanca for more than thirty years, while ensuring that our customers receive the return they expect from their investments in our projects that we realize with the aim of perfection.

We have been experiencing a rapid change and balanced growth process in recent years with our companies within our group. We follow the technological changes in the construction world and adapt them to our projects, and we carry out our institutionalization works very quickly within the restructuring process. On the one hand, we expand our service range by launching new companies within our group, and offer brand new projects to different cultures and people by combining our quality with new products.

In this process, we discover new markets, make plans to increase our efficiency, and while doing this, we enrich our human resources day by day and reflect our professionalism in our work to our sincerity and projects. Our growth trend, which we maintain with all structural and managerial changes, continues to carry our group among the top companies in our country; It also brings the expectations of our customers and the service offered to them to more and more perfect dimensions with each passing day.

As Kamışoğlu Group, we are the innovative leader of life and comfort in our country, with our human resources, experience, projects, works that befit our name now and in the future as in the past; We will continue to consolidate our success as an honest, reliable and respected organization of our employees and business partners.

Chairman of the Board