BECAUSE; “SALE” is just the beginning for us. For Kamışoğlu Group, which acts with the principle of "Sales is only the beginning", all our customers who buy property from our company become our guests and a part of our family for life. As the whole Kamışoğlu family, we are always mobilizing for our customers to feel comfortable in their homes and in our district.

For us, "EXPERIENCE" is the basic condition to ensure customer satisfaction. Thanks to the business experience we have gained since 1985 and our high experience, which is one of the most important reasons for our existence in the construction sector since 1994, we can easily meet all kinds of needs of our customers.

For us, “TRUST” company is the guarantee of our future. With our understanding of service that we have been maintaining for nearly 30 years; We are able to carry our projects and customer profile to higher levels day by day, thanks to the reputation we have gained and the environment of trust we have provided in the eyes of our customers, business partners, employees and all the people of the region.

For us, “REPUTATION” is one of the most valuable assets of a company. The corporate culture of Kamışoğlu Group is based on honesty and respect. This means not compromising business ethics and culture under any circumstances. The reputation we have earned by adhering to these standards is one of our company's most valuable treasures. A company that wants to pass on its existence to the next generations must first of all protect its reputation.

For us, “QUALITY” is the result of effort kneaded with intelligence. Our 30 years of experience, which we have left behind, enables us to meet you with high quality living spaces. In this way, Kamışoğlu Group is recognized as the leading company in quality in its sector. It should be noted that “quality is never a coincidence. Quality is the result of effort mixed with intelligence”.