Project & Architecture & 3D Modeling

As KAMIŞOĞLU GROUP; In all projects, we provide architectural project and 3D modeling services with our technical team.

3D Architectural Visualization

The final state of our works is revealed with the 3D architectural visualization, which is realized exactly with the reality, which is of great benefit in making the architectural works we have realized leave a more impressive impression.

3D Architectural Modeling

Modeling also provides great convenience in terms of the fact that the completion of the project construction takes time. The concept of time is one of the most important reasons for 3D architectural modeling. Architectural modeling can provide great advantages in terms of time and cost.

3D architectural modeling, building created from 2 dimensions, etc., which is of great importance especially for architects. is the creation of structures with 3D modeling technique. By transferring our projects to modeling, possible damages and deficiencies are eliminated. At the same time, every detail is clearly shown. In this respect, it is very important to visualize the structure in 3D.

Modeling the project is the most logical way to increase demand and show customers that there will be no difference between their demands and results. In this way, the project can be understood more easily, and unexpected situations and question marks in the minds of customers will be eliminated. At the same time, seeing the project visually is more effective and persuasive than using other methods.

3D Floor Plans

Today, it is of great importance for companies to sell buildings before they are reconstructed. This situation has come to such a point in the sector that when the projects are completed, all structures are introduced to customers and sold. In order to do this effectively, it is absolutely necessary to introduce the impressive and finished state of the buildings to the customers with beautiful visuals and models.

The design of the structures of the buildings and the creation of the interior architectural features require extensive and detailed studies. In this way, we offer great convenience and comfort in the stages of promotion, sales and pre-production controls.

It is of great importance that the structures that we have designed effectively are prepared for presentation in an effective manner. In particular, the creation of the visuals that we will present to our valued customers will help create an effective impression of what the design means. The technical drawings drawn before the creation of our structures are meaningless to our customers. For this reason, it will be a great advantage to gain a rich visuality with 3D modeling. 3D floor plan modeling provides a much richer appearance by modeling not only the building but also the decorative plans it contains.

The design of our constructions is created with great care as a result of technical drawings. These drawings are made by our architectural team and approved by official institutions. Every detail of the building is specified and designed in the drawings.

Our 3D models are made in the computer environment and help to get an idea of ​​what it will look like when finished. In 3D floor plan modeling, not only the structural features of the building, but also its interior architecture and decoration are created. In this way, much richer visuals are obtained.

Virtual Tour (360 Degree Render)

Virtual Tour, together with Project drawings and 3D Modeling, enables our valued customers to understand and evaluate the project much more clearly. Our architectural team aims to provide the most appropriate solution by using all technological equipment and professional experience in this regard.

3D Architectural Animation

It is an animation technique used to animate Architectural Projects. It is an application especially used in the field of architecture. Utilizing visuality in our designs is an element that increases the memorability of our projects. With the 3D animation technique, we produce the closest project to the work we have in mind. In addition, 3D projects are more acceptable. The basis of 3d architectural animation techniques is the presentation of the projects you have in mind in 3D in a detailed and visually rich way.

Traditional 2D designs and drawings of designs are difficult to understand by users. Technical drawings prepared using various software are clearer and more detailed than 2D drawings. It is difficult to visualize the shape you will achieve at the end of the project, and it is a situation that causes problems during many architectural projects. Drawings can be misunderstood as they will be perceived by others from a different perspective. We continue our work by using 3D architectural animation techniques to avoid such problems.