Real Estate and Investment Consulting

As Kamışoğlu Group, we are working to find the exact match for your real estate demands, using our knowledge, experience and reliability.

  • Land acquisition and development support
  • Housing, land, workplace sales and rental services
  • real estate management services

The prominent features of the properties, price and payment plans; Making campaign and launch planning in line with the Corporate Identity, in order to be announced in the most efficient way in the relevant channels and to reach the target audience,

In order to introduce the project; media planning and purchasing in written and visual media,

Monitoring the regional competition (following the features, price, payment and campaign changes of the competing projects, listing the advantages and disadvantages of the competition and adapting to the changing conditions when necessary)

Preparation of all documents in preparation for the sale,

Follow-up of the entire process and operation, from reaching the customer, determining the needs, presentation, proposal, bargaining and sales.

After-sales services, delivery and customer satisfaction services

Re-sales of the residences purchased from the project when necessary,

Corporate Real Estate Portals We Are Included