We, Kamışoğlu, travel are proud of positioning ourselves as the ideal solution for luxury and comfortable residential development projects with our principle to apply the highest quality on every aspect since our establishment in 1985. With our projects completed perfectly, we not only ensure to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of investment return but also make a great contribution on the development of our beautiful Sapanca for more than thirty years.

We have recently been having a well-balanced and rapid development within our mother company and its affiliates. We closely follow and apply the changes in the great world of construction onto our projects and try to complete our reorganizational studies to catch up with the rapid development realized in our company and in the business. We establish new companies within our corporation in order to enlarge our range of services and associate our quality with the new products to meet the requirements of each of our customers coming from various backgrounds and cultures.

We also explore different markets and make new planning to improve the efficiency by also making investment to our employees to become more Professional every day. We, Kamışoğlu Group, now and in the future, will continue to emphasize our success as the honest, trustworthy and reputable company of our partners and the employees; the innovative leader of quality and comfortable life in this country by creating and completing state of the art projects worthy of our name using all of our high experience and qualified human resources.

Chairman of the board


“Sales ” means to us “the beginning” As a company performing the business with the principle “sale is only the beginning of e relationship with the customers”, each customer who buys real estate from us becomes our lifetime guests and a part of our family. All the members of Kamışoğlu use every means available just to make our guest feel comfortable both at their homes and in our town.

“Experience ” means to us “vital condition” to ensure customer satisfaction. We have always been able to meet the needs of our customers as we have enough experience that has been one of the most important reasons of our existence in the construction sector since 1994 and other sectors since 1985.

“Trust ” means to us “the future of our company “ We have been able to improve our projects and enlarge our customer portfolio continuously based on the good reputation and trustworthy relations established with our customers, partners, employees and locals by our principles when rendering our services since last 30 years.

“Reputation ” means to us “the most important asset of a company” Corporate culture of Kamışoğlu group is based on the honesty and respect. This means making no compromise with code of conduct and culture. The reputation we made based on our non-compromising attitude with both issues is the most precious treasure of our company. You should protect the reputation of a company if you wish to pass down its existence.

“Quality ” means to us “the result of hard work remolded with intelligence” Our past experience of 30 years let us make you meet your quality dream homes. Therefore Kamışoğlu group is known as the leader of quality in this sector. Remember that the quality comes with no accident but hard work remolded with intelligence.